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Thank you for joining us on our Harvest Festival Mystery Quilt adventure! Every year we Fall in love with Autumn, all over again. It’s the the rich warm colors, as the weather starts to cool, that is such a beautiful reminder… it is the perfect time to make something warm and cozy; like a NEW FALL QUILT!



Inspired by my neighbors industrious tenant, I chose to make my Squirrel block, big, gray and fancy! Look at that tail! Using a variety of grays from the Harvest Moon collection by Fig Tree Quilt Co; particularly the damask scroll for the tail and the lovely floral, vine and ditsy prints for the rest of him, I created the perfect calico imitation of our nutty friend. There are two blocks in our clue this week; make sure you get a couple of those VINE blocks done with a nice assortment of greens from our color bundles, designed specifically for this mystery Quilt.

The primary fabric line for this whimsical quilt is Harvest Moon by Joanna Figuroa of Fig Tree Quilts Co. But, you will need a wide range of colors for your Fall Masterpiece! During the LIVE Show, we will be offering color bundles that will work perfectly with the theme and coloration of this quilt. Of course, you can make your own color story that fits your style. We highly recommend a nice selection of gray (or brown… if your squirrels aren’t as “Fancy” as ours). *wink*

Now, Don’t forget to join us next Thursday for our LIVE @ 5:00 Facebook Show, where you can collect the Super Secret Code for CLUE #3, absolutely FREE! If you miss the live, you can go to our website and Purchase the Downloadable Clue for only $3.00 per block. This week there were 2 blocks in the clue, so the price for that pattern is $6.00; All the more reason to make sure you SQUIRREL away some time, so you don’t miss the next CLUE on Thursday, October 5, 2023; Live @ 5:00pm (pst).

To purchase the Harvest Festival Mystery Clues, go to BELLA ROSE QUILTS and click on the “Patterns” Tab; choose “Aria & Ava Patterns” and there, you will find each of the clues you have missed.**

**When the Harvest Festival Mystery is over, the entire quilt Pattern will be made available for purchase and the individual links will be disabled. So don’t miss out on getting them for FREE on the LIVE, or for only $3.00 per block.**

So, unless you live under a rock or in a BARN you gotta get on board with this Mystery Quilt. BRANCH out and try something new! Don’t worry… It’s going to be PINE. – Join the LIVE@5:00 Next Thursday, to get your next clue for FREE!

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