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Welcome, we are excited to have you follow along, with us, as we journey through Fall. The patterns for this adventurous quilt are available for FREE during our Facebook Thursday Night LIVE event!* Just watch the LIVE to get the code for the free block instructions. To get the instructions, just enter the code in your browser’s search bar, immediately after the LIVE, and it will take you to where you may download the pattern. That’s it! Follow along with us and make the block each week, or save it to make it later, at your own pace. AND, don’t forget to join our QUILTING WITH SANDY Facebook Group, where you can chat with us, post pictures of your work and see how others are coming along on their blocks! We’d love to see your version of the mystery blocks! Enjoy!



Everyone loves a big country barn! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, which is why, it makes the perfect addition to our Harvest Festival Mystery Quilt! I love the idea of a charming, calico barn, quilt block. Whether you choose pretty little posies, graceful ginghams, or gentle geos, your vintage barn won’t be shabby, just Chic! There are two blocks in our clue this week; In addition to the barn we have added a stately PINE TREE block. The size is equal to the barn and points away, toward the rest of the quilt, adding some balance and movement. I hope you have gathered a nice assortment of greens from our color bundles, you’re going to need them!


Our beautiful barn has a Painted Pinwheel Quilt Block hanging on the front (As all barns of quality are sure to have…*wink*) and an opportunity to be creative! You can leave the barn door open, insert “X” doors, or fill it with some animal friends! We used the Vintage Farm Girl Books by Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet, to make our BARN BLOCK come to life!


This darling pine tree is made with a handful of plain squares and half-square triangles (HST). For perfect HST every time, check out Sandy’s YouTube Tutorial on a variety of ways to make HST. See Week Two of the Christmas Delight Mystery Quilt, where she shows you how to make fast, easy and perfect HST.

Half-Square Triangles Tutorial

Now, Don’t forget to join us next Thursday for our LIVE Facebook Show @ 6:00pm pst. It is the only way to collect the Super Secret Code for CLUE #4, absolutely FREE! If you miss the live, you can go to our website and Purchase the Downloadable Clues for only $3.00 per block. This week there were 2 blocks in the clue, so the price for that pattern is $6.00; All the more reason to make sure you PINE the time to get the next CLUE on Thursday, October 12, 2023; Live @ 6:00pm (pst).

*To purchase the Harvest Festival Mystery Clues, go to BELLA ROSE QUILTS and click on the “Patterns” Tab; choose “Aria & Ava Patterns” and there, you will find each of the clues you have missed.**

**When the Harvest Festival Mystery is over, the entire quilt Pattern will be made available for purchase and the individual links will be disabled. So don’t miss out on getting them for FREE on the LIVE, or for only $3.00 per block.**

We don’t mean to sound CORNY, but, you better put your PETAL to the metal and get GROWING on this Mystery Quilt. It’s the STALK of the town. – Join the LIVE@5:00 Next Thursday, to get your next clue for FREE!

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