Join us for another AMAZING, new Sew Along with Sandy Pennington and her gorgeous new mystery quilt pattern, HARVEST FESTIVAL MYSTERY QUILT! Autumn has fallen and what better way to get into the spirit of the changing seasons than to sew a comfy, cozy Fall quilt featuring some lovely Autumnal prints? Each week we will offer a FREE PATTERN CLUE for the Mystery so you can piece together the delightful signs of the season, creating a montage of all things Fall.

Gather your needle and thread for these fall inspired prints. Featuring patterns of geometric designs and flourishing foliage, these prints are styled with a timeless look, that are perfect for this classic country quilt. We are mixing it up this time, by combining some of our most favorite fall lines from Moda. We are primarily using Harvest Moon, by Joanna Figuroa of Fig Tree Quilts, yet we are also adding a few pieces from other Moda groups, like Cinnamon & Cream to round out the palette, and to give you a variety from which to choose.

“Did you say, FREE PATTERN”? Yes, I did! Join us every Thursday for our LIVE @ 5:00 Facebook Show, where we will disclose the Super Secret Code that you can use to download and print each weekly CLUE for FREE! The link is only available for a short time, so you must be in attendance to get the pattern for free. If you miss the LIVE Show, don’t worry, you can go to our website to Purchase the Downloadable Clue for only $3.00. But make sure you mark your calendar so you don’t miss the Live @ 5:00 on Thursday, September 21,2023. You’ve got to be out of your GOURD to miss CLUES, for FREE!

To find the Harvest Festival Mystery Clues, go to the BELLA ROSE QUILTS and click on the “Patterns” Tab; choose “Aria & Ava Patterns” and you will find each of the clues you have missed.

**When the Harvest Festival Mystery is over, the entire quilt Pattern will be made available for purchase and the individual links will be disabled. So don’t miss out on getting them for FREE on the live, or for only $3.00 per clue.**

DON’T FORGET TO JOIN US EVERY THURSDAY! We Look Forward To Seeing You There!

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