Thank you for joining us on our Harvest Festival Mystery Quilt adventure! Every year we Fall in love with Autumn, all over again. It’s the the rich warm colors, as the weather starts to cool, that is such a beautiful reminder… it is the perfect time of year to make something warm and cozy; like a NEW FALL QUILT!



What a perfect pairing! The tall stalks and expansive fields of Sunflowers and Corn are a sure sign that Summer is coming to an end and the Fall harvest will soon begin. The bright green pedestals support the happy heads of yellow corn and golden sunflowers, high above the ground; standing as sentinels, protecting their garden domain. These clever blocks appear more complicated than they really are. The simple stitch and flip technique allows you to turn square blocks into rounded ears of corn, and spiky sunflower petals. Create your own calico crop of these pillared plants.


Running low on yellows in your stash? Turns out corn comes in far more colors than I ever imagined. You can find it in magenta, red, scarlet, pink, orange, bright blue, dark blue, light blue, black, purple, maroon, and even white. Multi colored corn is commonly referred to as CALICO CORN-how appropriate! So EARS to being creative when making your bushel of calico corn!

Now, Don’t forget to join us next Thursday for our Facebook LIVE Show @ 6:00,where you can collect the Super Secret Code for CLUE #5, absolutely FREE! If you miss the live, you can go to our website and Purchase the Downloadable Clue for only $3.00 per block. This week there were 2 blocks in the clue, so the price for that pattern is $6.00; All the more reason to make sure you are PLANTED at 6:00 pm every Thursday, so you don’t miss the next CLUE. Our next Crop of Blocks will be Thursday, October 19, 2023.

To purchase the Harvest Festival Mystery Clues, go to BELLA ROSE QUILTS and click on the “Patterns” Tab; choose “Aria & Ava Patterns” and there, you will find each of the clues you have missed.**

**When the Harvest Festival Mystery is over, the entire quilt Pattern will be made available for purchase and the individual links will be disabled. So don’t miss out on getting them for FREE on the LIVE, or for only $3.00 per block.**

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